Achieving the highest degree of satisfaction of customer needs is the main objective of TAB S.r.l. As a completion of the full implementation of the Quality System, the company is pursuing the continuous improvement of its level of competitiveness on the market especially in relation to some fundamental aspects: the protection of staff safety, respect and protection of the environment, the constant commitment to meet customers’ requests , training and involvement of staff and suppliers at all levels.

With the creation of its own Quality System, TAB S.r.l. intends to pursue the stated objectives. The international standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 has been identified as an indispensable management tool to continuously guarantee and improve the company quality level and to fully meet the requirements.

The company’s intention is therefore to scrupulously comply with all applicable laws, regulations and any other requirements signed, improve its quality performance, raise the quality of work environments, guarantee the safety and health of employees, customers and populations of the territory in which it operates.

In this logic, the Quality Management system is committed to ensuring

  • compliance with applicable legislation and legislation;
  • constant commitment to continuous improvement of the system, processes and products
  • constant commitment to achieving full customer satisfaction
  • promotion of awareness raising and involvement of its workers and suppliers on quality issues

The “Quality Improvement Plan” sets out a series of subsequent activities to improve the Quality System, which identify the ways of developing towards a business situation: all employees are involved to make every effort to implement the Plan, as it represents the expression of the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system.

The TAB S.r.l. has the necessary tools for achieving the objectives, within the timeframes identified by the Quality Improvement Plan. They can be summarized as follows:

  • periodic review of the Quality System by the Management
  • internal and external audits and the consequent corrective interventions on business processes
  • follow-ups on any non-compliance recorded.

Finally, it is the company’s desire to establish a constructive dialogue with employees, suppliers, customers, with periodic communications outside its policy, on activities carried out and on results achieved in the quality area.